School cancels honors night for being too ‘exclusive’

Another example of the po0sification of America.

Concerned that an annual honors night for students is too “exclusive,” officials at a Rhode Island school have decided to scrap the event.

An email sent out to parents of students at Archie R. Cole Middle School in East Greenwich said students who would normally be honored at the spring event would instead be recognized during team-based ceremonies and graduation, the East Greenwich Patch reports.

“This will afford us the opportunity to celebrate the individual and collective successes of all students and their effort, progress and excellence,” said the email sent out over the weekend, which was signed by Principal Alexis Meyer and Assistant Principal Dan Seger.

The email added that “Members of the school community have long expressed concerns related to the exclusive nature of Honors Night.”

Kaitlyn Kosloski, an eighth-grader at the school, expressed disappointment that the night was canceled.

“That made me [want to] work harder and a lot of other people work harder, so just the fact you can’t work toward it anymore then there is no goal,”


So I’m a Godless Liberal?

First of all, I’m not a Liberal. I’m also not a criminal. I live my life treating people with respect and holding myself accountable for my actions, and choices.

I don’t believe in God. According to some religious people that makes me “wrong” and in need of saving. Deborah Mitchell submitted an iReport to CNN about raising her children without God. She doesn’t believe, and feels it’s wrong to lie to her children about things like “heaven”. People were flagging her posting as “inappropriate”. Why? Because she doesn’t believe is something that no one has ever seen, touched or talked to?

In man’s early history, we had no way to understand what was going on around us. Well, people don’t like that. We have to have feel that we have the answer. Enter “GOD”. He made everything just for us. According to the church, the earth is the center of the universe, and they imprisoned anyone stupid enough to defy them. “Wait, oh yeah, we didn’t really mean that”.

I believe that Jesus was a real person, just like Pat Robertson, Reverend Jim Jones. and countless others. He just happened to come along when people were more gullible. If we were created in God’s image then he must be pretty messed up, and needs serious counselling. Please click on the link above and read Deborah’s iReport. We aren’t alone, there are a few hundred billion galaxies, with a hundred billion stars each. The days of the Sun rotating around the Earth are long gone, enjoy the truth that’s all around us.

New Guitar Day!

The Guild D-40 Richie Havens Signature Model. I HAVE to learn how to play steel string like I do nylon. For some reason I always end up screwing up the finger nails I need to play classical when I play on steel. Anyway, this thing plays, and sounds amazing.

Don’t blame Bush!

This country was founded by revolution, and by people that were willing to stir it up and take risks to get what they wanted. It’s being destroyed by a government that hands things to people willing to do nothing. It’s not going to be fixed by hippies chanting yes we can, then sitting on their asses while we go deeper into debt. It’s not Bush’s fault, it’s Obama’s and it’s time to rise up and demand REAL change.


Lance Armstrong

‘I’m more at ease now than I have been in 10 years’

Unreal, how can a group of people proclaim themselves to be the voice of all the organizations that Lance has ever been associated with? The USADA have decided that the best way to defeat Lance is to drag him through the mud until he’s had enough then claim that his lack of desire to continue proving himself is grounds for taking away everything he did for the last 15 years? Fuck them, seriously. He has taken and PASSED over 500 tests. He is still THE champion in my eyes. Here’s what he had to say about it.

“I’ve got five great kids, I’ve got a great lady in my life. I’ve got a wonderful foundation that is completely unaffected by any noise out there and we’re going to continue to do our job,”

Ripped off in Austin

Beware of this guy if you buy gear in Austin.

Nguyen-Vy Dang

I bought a Zak Wylde Wah pedal from him and it ended up not working, now he refuses to refund my money a few days later. He lives in the Domain, and I would definitely stay clear.  People like this really suck. Karma will get him.